A world of cuisine across an infinite palate of flavours.

Georges st Menu

Georges st: Ala Carte (Starters)

Sambusek (V)
Crispy fried pastry parcels filled with feta cheese, raisins & baby spinach.
Tandoori Portebello (C)
Belcarra portebello Mushroom in fenugreek yoghurt ,Pickled baby beets , ardsallagh Goats Cheese, walnuts & warm asparagus salad.
Shahi Katchori (V)
Stuffed pastry parcel with potato, spiced chickpea, anardana and served with mint, saunth & sev.
Murgh Malai Kebab (C)
Free range Irish Chicken Supremes in cream cheese & saffron marinade served with beetroot pachadi & apple salad.
Murgh Kalmi Soola (C)
Free range Irish chicken marinated with star anise, black pepper chilli, served with sweet pomegranate yoghurt.
Duck Tikka (C)
Free Range Barbary duck breast with pickling spices, passion fruit dressing & grilled figs.
Karara Jhinga
Golden fried tiger prawns with onion seed served with ginger & honey dressing.
Tandoori Jhinga(C)
An all time favourite of jumbo prawns marinated with our secret blend of spices & herbs served with avocado chutney.
Fish Tikki (C)
Tilapia fish cakes served in a coastal Bengali style shrimp pickle.
Gilafi Seekh(C)
Hand pounded lamb mince kebab with fragrant spices rolled in diced peppers & cooked in Tandoor served with mint pesto.
Jaipur Jugalbandi(C)
Assortment of fish, prawn, chicken & lamb Kebab. A perfect sampler of the tandoori cooking……

(C) Denotes suitable for Coeliac’s

Georges st: Ala Carte (Main course)

Murgh Lababdar(C)
Old Delhi style chicken with tomatoes finished with cream & fenugreek.
Murgh Methi Palak (C)
Free range chicken cooked in a creamy spinach & fenugreek sauce.
Tandoori Murgh (C)
Free range chicken (on the bone) in kashmiri chilli paste, garlic & yoghurt charred in tandoor with saffron pulao & tikka masala sauce.
Kadhai Jhinga(C)
Tiger prawns tossed with purple garlic & butter served with a sun dried mango, Carom & tomato sauce.
Goan Seafood Curry(C)
Tiger Prawns & fresh fish cooked in coastal spices masala finished with palm vinegar, jaggery & cinnamon.
Malabar Fish (C)
Coriander crusted sea bass in a classic Malabar Kodampuli sauce served with onion fritter & vegetable poriyal.
Thaali (C)
Thaali is a perfect way of savouring a complete Indian. 3 types of meat or seafood cooked in their own sauces, served individually with rice & bread with a vegetable side. (Vegetarian option also available)
Duck Chettiyar (C)
Free range Barbary duck breast with southern spiced coconut & tamarind marinade, onion & potato mash.
Pork Vindaloo (C)
Tandoor cooked pork chop with home ground red chillies & Goan spiced paste, finished with a hint of coconut vinegar & palm sugar.
Matka Gosht (C)
Hand pounded organic Wicklow lamb mince, black-eyed bean, spiced with Punjabi spices.
Lamb Chilli Fry (C)
A southern Indian specialty of lamb morsels tossed with peppers, brown onion jam, black Malabar pepper & cumin masala.
Nalli Ki Kaliyan(C)
Slow braised Wicklow lamb shank with aromatic spices & screw pine extract.
Jaipur Biryani(C)
Perfumed basmati rice with saffron, mint & fried onion cooked with a choice of meat. (Lamb, Chicken, Prawns)
All Time Favourites

We understand that some dishes never fall out of flavour or palatable fashion. These dishes can be ordered with your own choice of meats or vegetables. These can be cooked to your personal choice of spice levels, let the floor staff know.


Chicken, Lamb, Prawn or Vegetable.

Rogan Josh

Meats or vegetables cooked slowly in tomato & onion stew with saffron fennel.


Tikka Masala

Meats or vegetables simmered in a creamy tomato sauce flavoured with dry fenugreek leaves.



Meats or vegetables stir-fried with onions, peppers & tomato flavoured with carom seeds.

Korma (C)

Meats or vegetables cooked slowly in white onion & cashew nut sauce.


Madras (C)

Meats or vegetables cooked with fresh coconut, curry leaves & chillies.


Vindaloo (C)

Meats or vegetables cooked with home ground red chillies & Goan spice paste finished with a hint of coconut vinegar & palm sugar.


Saag (C)

Meats or vegetables cooked with greens & spinach tossed with smoked red chillies finished with a hint of cream & tomato.

Georges st: Ala Carte (Vegetarian)

Saag Paneer (C)
Homemade cottage cheese cooked with spinach & tossed with garlic & ginger, finished with cream & tomato.
Subz Kofte (C)
Medley of five seasonal vegetable dumplings with nuts, cottage cheese & raisins in a creamy Awadhi tomato sauce.
Paneer Jalfrezi(C)
Stir fried homemade cottage cheese & peppers with roasted coriander seeds, fresh tomato, onion & green chillies.
Channa Amritsari(C)
Chickpeas braised in fenugreek, fennel, tamarind & fresh Ginger.

Georges st: Ala Carte (Sides, Rice, Breads)

Aloo Ghobi (V) (C)
Potato & cauliflower cooked with fresh ginger, garlic & tomato.
Saag Paneer (V) (C)
Homemade cottage cheese cooked with spinach & tossed with garlic & ginger, finished with cream & tomato.
Ghar Ki Daal (V) (C)
Lentils of the day. Please ask your server for details.
Lahsooni Patta (V) (C)
Freshly cooked spinach tempered with elephant garlic & coriander.
Channa Amritsari(C)
Chickpeas braised with fenugreek, fennel, tamarind & coriander.
Plain Naan ; Roti
Whole wheat bread.
Missie Roti (C)
Griddled Bread for Coeliac, Black Gram & Fennel.
Masala Bhaath
Spiced rice with mint, tomatoes & dried mango powder.
Basmati rice
Steamed / Pulao
Lemon Rice
Toasted lentils and curry leaves.
Mushroom Pulao / Pea Pulao
Bread Basket
A selection of four types of breads, serves two people.
Flavoured Naans
Garlic Onion & Coriander, Chilli & Cheese, Peshawari (coconut, Raisins & nuts), Keema (spiced pounded lamb) or Aloo Kulcha (spiced potato mash).
Cucumber, tomato & onion.
Aloo Hara Pyaz
Cumin tossed potatoes with tomato & spring onion.    
(C) Denotes suitable for Coeliac’s

Georges st: Early Bird

Available daily until 7:00pm


€20.99 Per person


Starters  (Mixed platter of...)


Sambusek (V)

Crispy fried pastry parcels filled with feta cheese, raisins & baby spinach.


Chicken Tikka

Cardamom and mace Spiced Chicken Supreme with Mint Chutney.(C)


Lamb Seekh

Skewered lamb mince kebab with coriander pesto.(C)

Mains (Choose Any One)

Prawn Jalfrezi

Garlic and butter infused tiger prawns with jalfrezi sauce.(C)


Goan Fish Curry

Goan seafood Curry with Kokum & curry leaves.(C)


Chicken Tikka Masala

Old Delhi style chicken with Tikka masala sauce.(C)


Chicken Madras

Chicken in southern spices with coconut & curry leaf. (C)


Lamb Rogan Josh

Wicklow lamb braised with brown onion and cardamom.(C)


Lamb Korma

Awadhi Lamb Korma infused with mace & saffron.(C)


Pancharatan Kofte

Vegetable dumplings with nuts, cottage cheese, raisins in a tomato sauce.(C)


Paneer Lababdar

Cottage cheese in Old Delhi style tomatoes, cream & fenugreek sauce.(C)

All main courses are served with rice/naan.



Add any dessert from the A la carte menu €4.50



Yellow Lentils €4.00

Channa Masala €4.00

Aloo Hara Pyaz €4.00

Saag Aloo €4.00




Georges st: Lunch

Georges Street Lunch Wednesday – Friday 12.30-2.30pm

Lunch €10.95




Crispy fried pastry parcels filled with feta cheese, raisins & baby spinach


Rajasthani Salad

Mixed leaves, pickled beet, pecan nut & goat cheese with tamarind drizzle


Macchi Ki Tikki

Tilapia fish, red chilli paste & lime zest infused fish cakes with cucumber yoghurt


Malai Kebab

Chicken supremes in creamy marinade with cardamom & saffron


Seekh Kebab

Minced lamb kebabs with mint, garlic & cardamom cooked in tandoor



Perfumed basmati rice cooked with meat of your choice:

Kerala Curried Seafood / Lucknowi Chicken / Hyderabadi Lamb

Flavoured with mint, whole spices & served with curry sauce






Goan Prawn Curry / Prawn Jalfrezi


Chicken Tikka Masala / Chicken Korma


Lamb Roganjosh / Lamb Jalfrezi


Saag Paneer (V) / Paneer Lababdar (V)

Kofta Curry (V)

Curries served with basmati rice or naan bread


Grill & Plates


Tandoori Mixed Grill €12.95

Selection of kebabs from tandoor & tawa

Platter of seafood, chicken, lamb, vegetables, lentils & potatoes

With basmati rice & plain naan


Tandoori Chicken €11.50

Free-range chicken in Kashmiri chilli paste, garlic & yoghurt charred in tandoor, tikka masala sauce & kastoori aloo


Indo Chilli Chicken €12.00

Spring onions, mixed peppers, fried rice


Spiced meat balls €12.50

Cinnamon, cardamom sauce with butter naan or peas pulao


Sea Bass €13.00

Southern spiced fish curry  & butter bean poriyal


Sides / Breads

Papad Chutney €1.50

Plain / Coriander Garlic Naan €1.50

Stuffed Naan €2.00

Selection of Breads €4.50

Yellow Lentils €3.50

Channa Masala €3.50

Saag Aloo €3.50

Steamed Rice / Pulao €1.50